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the snuggery

my animals and other family

23 June
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Friends Only

Welcome to my online journal. I live with my non-furry partner, Dog.* I didn't give him that nickname, he gave it to himself. He's funny like that. We both are. (Funny-haha or funny-peculiar, you decide).

In addition to the aforementioned Dog, i live with four rabbits, seven guinea pigs and a very controlling cat.


75% of my posts are friends-locked because i don't want RL folks looking at my stuff. Unlikely, but it's just possible.


In addition to keeping this journal, i have the dubious honour of being _dribbler_'s personal secretary. Being a cat of many parts (his words, not mine) he also gets to have his own website, tabby tidbits. He gets all the credit, i get all the slog.


Prancing around in a furry suit is not something that appeals. Take it somewhere else.


You should probably add me if you want to see my rants & such. :-)